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Any Suggestions

So i've been glowstinging for about three years now. I've recently gotten really good at it. I've been working on wrap combo's and behind the back stuff. I can do the weave btb and three differnt types of butterflies btb. I've been trying to do wrap combo's btb but i'm not getting the hang of it that well. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions to make it easier? Also i taught myself how to do the spinning ball i don't know what the exact name of it is. Basically you twist the strings and then spin them so that they are spinning around them with tension on both strings. I haven't mastered that move either i can only get it once or twice and then i end up screwing it up..Does anyone have any other helpful hints? I'm going to be uploading vid of me doing strings soon i'll let everyone know when i get it up and whatnot. I have a couple signature moves as well that i'm really proud of.
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