Acamori Shuvinala (acamori) wrote in glowsticking,
Acamori Shuvinala

LED Poi Swing woes.

So I finally decided to get a set of LED Poi Swings to play with. They were delivered yesterday and I promptly (as soon as it got dark) took them outside to play with.

Sure enough my amazingly bad luck meant one of the small strings that connects to the ball itself broke 10-15 minutes into me using them and when the ball landed it just so happened to land on one of the two small plastic loops that the string goes through, completely destroying it.

Now I'm left with figuring out how to either get a small eyelet affixed in place of the plastic one, something like a little wood-thread one coated in epoxy.... Or finding a sock or such to put them both in (which I'm thinking would make wraps easier anyways).

I think I've seen a few people using something similar in a sock-like thing. I was wondering if anyone could make suggestions as to what would work well. I imagine a regular tube sock would be too thick, but I don't think pantyhose would be thick enough >_>

Thanks ^_^
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