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glowsticking's Journal

Glowsticking Community
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This community was founded by nonfatmilk and chipo09. If you have any questions regarding the community. Please contact nonfatmilk and/or chipo09 with your questions and comments.

Here are some rules to the community..

-When posting large pieces of text, or images, use the lj-cut feature.

-When making an introduction post ("I'm new here") it'd be nice if you could tell us a brief description of yourself, what type of raving you like, and moves that you would like to learn. Try to make it meaningful

-Please try to not ask for LJ-Codes. We're a community for glowsticking/raving. If you need a LJ Code commuinty join "Code Sharing" (sorry no link).

`Please keep posts on topic, if you have a personal entry (like about your day) post that in your personal journal.

-Chipo and Nonfatmilk

Other than that, have fun..